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I would be very interested in seeing a post detailing what you eat during the school week, especially what you eat for lunch!

Ooo I will definitely work something out this week! thank you for your input :)

Oh, and in the meantime, if you want some recipe inspiration, head over to my instagram (walkotws) and my main blog:


I put off bio homework by snacking and cleaning biche and kuma. But not at the same time #vegan
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Friday afternoons consist of choc chip cookie dough rings/vanilla coffee/letter writing 👌 #vegan #penpal
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Give your all in everything you do; whether it be health/schoolwork/projects/a job- remember to put a little more effort into it today :) #vegan #study
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Chocolate chip smoothie for another 106 degree day ✌️#vegan #heatwave

Can I ask what kind of planner that is? I've been on the hunt for a good agenda, but I need it to begin the week on Sunday, not Monday.

Hmm well this planner starts on a Monday… But if you are looking for great planners I would suggest looking at because boy are they specific with their planners! I hope I could help! Xx

senior photo :)
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Where is your planner from? It's gorgeous!

I got it from papersource! Thank you! :)

Biche and I sure do love our veggies 👏 #vegan #bichonfrise

These eyes tell the story - This kinds of barbaric abuse is happening in research labs, private industries, universities, Science departments etc all over the world. Take action for those who have no voice

this makes me so sad… why are humans so cruel?!
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Have you seen my review of @coyo_is_coconuts ? Check it out on ! #vegan #coyo
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Supporting local and organic produce today by shopping at the farmers market! {organic grapes/strawberries/blueberries/raspberries/snap peas/chickpeas/pomegranate kombucha/carrots/baby beets/raw vegan almond mylk} #vegan #malibu #farmersmarket
#tbt when I had this every single day last week #senioryear problems #vegan
Simplicity ☝️ #vegan
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New post up on COYO!

Opaque  by  andbamnan